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re, enhance basic ST res

ction. Acknowledging the fast growth of emerging industries such as the digital, sharing and platform economies, Li urged prudent supervision to keep the market healthy. Li encouraged accelerated research

and development for new and high-quality products to meet the multilayer consumer demands, and raise the quality and profile of "made in China". He also called for enha


earch and in

nced protection on intellectual property so as to create a sound atmosphere for innovation and entre

preneurship. Presiding over the ceremony, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli call


novation, and establish me
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ed on ST workers to follow

chanisms to support ST workers. Research institutions, un
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the example set by the prize wi

iversities and people taking the lead in ST innovation wil
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nners, and contribute to the cou

l be entitled more power in doing their job, said Li. Dis
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ntry's drive to become a m

tribution policies must be better implemented to honor and
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ajor ST power. Before the ceremony,

reward innovators, Li said, adding that the country is wi
Image description

President Xi and other leaders

lling to offer opportunities for ST talent, from home or a
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broad, to fulfill their ambi
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met with the representatives

tions here in China. Li called fo
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of the winners. The ceremony,

r integrat ed developme
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attended by around 3,300 representat

nt of scientific achievements in various i
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